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Enjoy the Victory!!!!!

February 2, 2008

Today as i was out with my Nephew (Popi) in celebration of his 11th Birthday his Mother asked me am i still enjoying the Accomplishment of becoming a Bestseller? As i thought about it I said with so much going on i had not taking the time to Enjoy the Victory! Due to the upcoming radio interviews the Seminar on the 23 the deals i am working on the trips that i have to go on this month etc…… that i am to focused to now to Enjoy the Victory! Which set off; a Red Alert – that i am out of Balance and headed for burn-out! How do you think i know this; because i have done it before, and she could speak about it because she has done it before. So as i take a Break for the rest of this Saturday afternoon i wanted to Say to All you soon to Be Tycoon’s Enjoy YOUR Victories because they do past like Birthdays — Quickly!!!! Take time to smell the Roses or ask a good friend told me enjoy the whole  dance not just the dip.

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