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You MUST Plug Up Daily!!

February 20, 2008

Let me ask you, how many of you have cell phones? Well from what i could find about 76% of our society has one and from personal reference I know a lot of people who have 2! This blog has nothing to do with cell phones it more has to do with Energy- Power ! What do i mean by power give me another minute to set this up properly to make my point. For all of you who do have cell phones what do you do with them through out the day and for the most part every night? Plug them up to get some Energy or Power to re charge the Battery RIGHT!   NOW my question to YOU is how often do you stop to RE CHARGE? See i have been watching my energy as of late and have notice that if i run into some challenges during my day by late afternoon my Energy is DRAINED!! I am operating on 1 bar! Can you feel Me!! So what I have come to see is what kind of Situation drains a bar or more so what people I come into contact with that Sucks my energy down! So this is a Warning be on the look out for the Energy Vampires in your life and if you are a energy Vampire please don’t call Me! So my advice is stop throughout the day and plug up to your Source of Energy Daily so that you can be Productive and Increase your Wealth Daily! There is nothing Worse than to have a Nice Driving Machine Run out of GAS!!! Agian stay Energized by Plugging up Daily to the SOURCE! Take time for Self to quiet the Mind and Soul!!!

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