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Right Now People!

February 22, 2008

What are Right Now People? Right Now People are People who are ready to Move in Action NOW! Today i was having a planning meeting with a Associate of mine and this point came Up! He was showing Me (Mr. Tycoon) that I was spending to much time on fixing People in order to be able to work with them. What he meant by this is that from time to time I will spend weeks or even months working on people’s mindsets in order to get them to use the SYSTEM I  have shared with them to take to them to the Goals they Desire! He pointed out if they are not ready to move Now then i must be willing to give them time instead of me trying to pull them along. We have all seen the person walking a dog who does not want to walk. It is more like drag the dog along walking. I must say this was a burden that was lifted because it is very difficult working with people who stop every other minute to question the next step! However to this point i said this is part of the Calling of a Teacher and he said then why does the saying go (When the Student is Ready the TEACHER will Appear)! It doesn’t say the teacher will drag the student until the Student is READY!  So on that note I will say to You All be RIGHT NOW PEOPLE! We only have this Moment NOW so make the best of It.  As you see I learn everyday and I am Thankful to be a Student as well as a Teacher.  Peace and Much WEALTH!

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  1. ydris permalink
    February 24, 2008 3:30 pm

    Thank you for this message sir, i think i understand it now, i’ve always been a go getter, go and make it happen, but sometimes when you don’t know what it is that you need to do next, you get confused which is the reason why i came to you and asked you to mentor me, to give me direction, so that i can achieve success faster. Remember, i went and bought the signs an you were like WHY DID YOU BUY SIGNS I TOLD YOU I GOT SIGNS?!?, lol well that’s because i don’t like to wait for things to fall on my lap, i like to go and make it happen for myself. I sometimes stop and think, if i would’ve never bought those signs, would i have gotten those calls from Derrick & Debra who i’m helping right now? Would i have Mr.Tycoon let me drive his Benz because he was proud of me getting a lead? If i would have sat there and just waited for you to get me a lead, i don’t think i would’ve drove the Benz, lol. So when i stop and ask ” what do i need to do?” is because i may be a little confused and i just need direction, and i know you have been very patient with me and i really appreciate that, and i also know that you are very busy and at times you won’t be able to answer my every questions, BUT i just want you to remember this: If i knock, it’s because i’m READY, and you said “When the student is READY, the TEACHER will appear”. On that note, i hope we can work this out in a way i won’t interfere with your busy schedule.

    Thanks again


    ydris (your millionaire student)

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