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Movement does not = Progress!!!!

March 31, 2008

People are always asking me, “Mr. Tycoon, what should I be doing?” And the simple answer to this broad question is “What are you Attempting to get done?” See, the first thing we must all do is have an idea of what we Want or Where we want to be so we can map out a System to get it or to get there. The reason why this is today’s blog is because I have a new Mentee and she has this one Statement she says over and over – “I want to make money and I want to do it with Real Estate!” That’s a Great starting point however, she must first define what money is to her; What part of Real Estate does she want to be in (by the way, Wholesaling is always my 1st suggestion-that’s why I created Mr. Tycoon’s Ultimate Wholesaling System).  But back to my Mentee – there’s Retailing, Landlording, New Construction, Commercial, and on and on…starting to see the point? You have to be specific from the start or you’ll end up like that gerbil on the wheel, a lot of Movement but absolutely NO Progress! Which is very dangerous to your Dreams. Why?  Becasue Movement expends your energy and your time, but in most cases it doesn’t give you a return that you value.  Yes, I did say a return You Value because it’s you who is learning during this process. If, for the most part, the only thing you see is what you are not getting or that you’re not getting closer to your Dream, what you have missed is that you are seeing what does not work, which we so often forget is a very important part of learning also. So don’t beat yourself down or give up. That’s what happens to Most People, they start and don’t see Progress, so they figure “This is not for Me!” News Flash!!!  This is for you if you have a proper System to follow. As in the case of this new Mentee, who we’ll call Ms. Fashion, she told me “I  just want to get started so I’ve been  driving around looking at these houses that I pulled off a website. I wanted to FEEL like I was doing something”  DANGER! What happens when the feeling starts to fade when there is NO Progress? You got it! Most People Quit! Not because they did not have Good Intentions, they just started with an Improper Idea that Movement = Progress!! So the whole point is Make the Majority of your Movement Count!  Life Truly is a Chess Game! So Play it with Attention to your Moves and make sure they are moving you Forward!!

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  1. Michael Conyers permalink
    February 17, 2009 3:51 pm

    Mr. Tycoon,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this blog entry. I can totally agree with how your mentee was feeling. I am very new to real estate (fresh out the box) and I do things just to feel like I’m moving. But as you said movement is not progress. So my question is how do we know when we are making progress? What does it look like?
    I’ll be attending The Tycoon Express Bootcamp on Feb 27th and 28th so I’m you’ll be covering this during that time.
    Thanks for all of your wisdom and insight. Keep it coming.

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