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Time Management the Myth!!!

June 16, 2008

Now HEAR this you can not Manage Time!!!! Have you ever made time Stand Still?  You Can’t! Have you ever been able to make it slow down for just one second, I know the answer NO!!! So why do we have all these books on Time Management because they have been Mis Informed! Only because someone says something doesn’t make it Fact or Real! Let me get to the the Real Truth – the only thing you can Manage is YOU! That was the whole purpose in the first place wasn’t it!;to Manage the time so you could get things DONE? That is the first question you must ask your self, What is it that i am attempting to do? Once you get that Clear than you must use what i simply call Priority Management!!! See when you Prioritize your activities than you can place them within this System called Time!! That is the only way you can even attempt to get things done in a timely manner. Can i back up to that last Statement to Prove a a Point! I am sure you don’t mind since you are reading this and anyway you can’t object at this moment. Getting things done in a timely manner is the statement i would like to discuss. Which is more important the Time or the outcome of Getting it Done? Done is the hold objective for everything we do. Time is just a System we use to measure our progress or to set boundaries for when we are to take action and for how long.

Time is are most valuable asset next to our Mind! Check in tomorrow and i will fill you in on a Powerful Mind Set for Success! Your Mind sets the Clock of Activity!!!



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