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The Time Is NOW to Invest In REAL ESTATE!!

June 17, 2008

I can not make it any clearly than this “Invest NOW in REAL ESTATE“! In my 10 short year of being a Investor this is the first time in My History that i have been able to pick up Boat Loads of Deals for Pennies on the Dollar! Just yesterday I had a contract accepted for $25,000.00!  That is right $25,000.00 and it is a Duplex 2bed 1 bath on each side and need less  than $10,000.00 in repairs.  Guess what the ARV is ? I will wait while you email me your answers at! Well since this is so Great i will go ahead and tell YOU $150,000 to $170,000 Thousand!  That would be Great if I could sell it for that now however the fact is I can Not!  You heard me,  I can not sell this property at THIS TIME for that amount.  However, if I could  Wholesale it for say $80,000.00 Now, the answer would be without a doubt YES! Or could I just Rent it out and Hold on to it until the Media tells everyone it is time to BUY again. Then I could sell it for more than the $80,000.00 maybe then i could sell it as a desperate seller who needs to get rid of a  property worth $150,000.00 thousand for say $110,000.00 which would be a small increase in profits like say $30k! Now i know you are saying well Mr. Tycoon you can do this because you have the Money and I don’t.   Well,  let me share this info if You had the Skills or as I say all the time a Workable Education, could you find a partner to do this deal with you?  The answer is Yes and they are looking for you to help them make money while you make your Dreams come True.

If you are ready to get info on Being a Real Estate Investor then come back and read this blog because my Plan is to keep You Posted on Deals that me and My students Nationwide are doing. Just for the record I am starting a New Inner Circle Group for those who would like to take advantage of this GREAT MARKET!

Come Back Daily and read the lastest Blog and for more info on the starting of this Great Inner Circle Group!

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