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Success Is A Team Sport!!!

June 18, 2008

First of all, congratulations to the Boston Celtics for winning the NBA Championship!!!!  What can I say? I was born in Boston,  but for the record,  I’m not writing this blog because I was born in Boston.  I am writing to share a Major point about Success and the Importance of  TEAM WORK. Together Everyone Achieves More (or as I like to say, MONEY in place of More).  Well, in the case of the Three Super Stars – The Boston Three Party (Pierce-KG & Allen), who on the surface made it happen, I don’t think they came together just for the reason of MONEY!

I know you’re asking, Mr. Tycoon what does this have to do with Success Being A Team Sport? Let me share my insight! Talent alone does not win CHAMPIONSHIPS! The Boston Three Party all excelled individually in the NBA; they’ve been All Stars, have big contracts, KG even has been MVP of the NBA and this year was Defensive Player of the Year!!  All of these accolades prove they are Talented Players INDIVIDUALLY, however, now they are Champions! Why?  Because they were WILLING to Come Together for A Major DREAM!!!! One Common Goal – to be The Champions of the NBA!

As my good friend Les Brown says ‘They were Hungry’ for that Major DREAM!!!   I have a Banner in my office that says “Success IsA Team Sport!!!”  However, I have had a lot of “players” come and go who never really got the concept.  That it Truly takes a TEAM EFFORT to be Successful!  Just as in basketball, sometimes your game is going to be off and you will need a Teammate to carry the Team that Day, Week or Even Month! (However, after a month you may need to consider rebuilding that Team!) I’m just joking a little. I say a little because to build a Championship Team, you may need to get some new players who fit within your SYSTEM! See, eveyone cannot play within your style of playing!   Using the Celtics again, we must look further into the game than just the players who Won that Title.  Danny Ainge, the GM and Doc Rivers, the Coach, had much bigger roles than they are given credit for in bringing that Championship to Boston! The GM put that trade togehter to get Ray Allen and KG to help Paul Pierce; and he put all the supporting players around the stars like Perkins, Powe and Rondo.  To hear the “experts” tell it, Rondo was not a great point guard-no experience and not even credited for having the talent.  Neverless he got the job done with the skills he had, and in the process, tied a record for steals (maybe he only had 6 instead of the record 7 but you get my point!).  In short,  he Played for that Major Common Dream!!  Can you imgaine the job Doc Rivers had to keep that Team on track through all the negative comments from the fans and news casters who said Allen was a choker, they didn’t have the heart; he had to make sure they set their sights on the Major Dream, stayed focused on that Major DREAM, and got it done now because tomorrow is not promised.

This is My Time for today! I will continue this Tomorrow because I still have a lot to share.  Tomorrow I’ll touch on the internal TEAM – the Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Psychological players that direct us to either be Champions or Cellar Dwellers!

Until tomorrow, take a look at your Team and See if your Team has a Major Common Dream? It may be time to make some trades!

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  1. Ms V permalink
    June 19, 2008 4:25 pm

    Great insight! The whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts!!

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