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Success Is A Team Sport!!!! Part 2

June 23, 2008

Yesterday I spoke about the Value of having a Team and the importance of everyone having a common Major DREAM! For those of you who may not have gotten a chance to read it,  take the time to do so and I am sure you will be pleased.

Today I’m going to talk about the Team of  I (YOU)!   What I mean by this is that you have Internal Players that you also must get on one accord if you truly want to be Successful. I am talking about the Players called Mental (Emotional)-Spiritual-Financial-Physical (Health).  I don’t care in what order you put them – you can title them any way you choose –  but, they must all be operating together,  in sync,  or you will find yourself on a rollercoaster of ups and downs!
Now some of you may say “Mr. Tycoon, you forgot Family!” No I didn’t, because they have nothing to do with your Success Journey! They are just along for the ride. They merely reap the benefits or the consequences of how your Internal Team is playing.  Oh I’ll admit that they can have an influence – a great influence, but the reality is you are the Owner, GM, Coach and Players on Your Internal Team!  Everything else is just cheerleading or booing.  Think about Kobe on the foul line in Boston – tens of thousands of Boston fans booing him, waving flyers and banners and towels and whatever else they could find to distract him from making those foul shots.  He had to stay focused and tune them out COMPLETELY!  It’s the same thing for each one of us, too – no matter what we’re hearing or seeing from our Family, friends, colleagues or opponents, we have to tune everything out and stay focused on our Major DREAM!!

So you get your Mental Player together by being focused and positive (you can’t say negative things and expect positive outcomes, you know).  How do you get/keep your Spiritual Player on point?  First, you need to quiet your mind, which you can do by meditating, or walking in a garden, or laying out in the sun-anything that helps you commune with nature, or just sitting in a quiet place and being still.  Now I am here to tell you that this is a lot easier said than done….but if you can master being quiet, and go INSIDE, you’ll be amazed at the Peace and Power you’ll find!
Most people will say that the Financial Player is the key to the Internal Team’s Success.  I won’t argue that you’ve got to be financially stable in order to invest in the tools that will help you reap dividends, be they Mental (like hiring a Personal Coach), or Physical (like joining a gym or hiring a Personal Trainer), or Financial (like being able to pay for courses designed to increase your wealth or earning power)!  I think we all will agree that when the Financial Player is missing layups, or jumpers or 3-pointers, not getting to the loose ball first, or can’t make a steal on the inbounds play, the TEAM – and the DREAM – suffers greatly.  But just like KG, he may be a SuperStar, but the Financial Player will not win a CHAMPIONSHIP without the others.

Last, but not least:  the Physical Player.  Suffice it to say that if you don’t take care of the Temple, it will decay and crumble!  You’ve got to eat right, exercise and make sure you do regular maintenance on the Physical Player.  You can’t expect to elevate for a dunk it you’re carrying an extra 50 pounds.  You can’t expect to be a Daily Decathelete – someone who excels at doing 10 daily life events EVERYDAY – if you aren’t working out the Physical Player everyday to make sure he or she is in top form!

But it’s the TEAM that will get the CHAMPIONSHIP!!  So my advice to you today is to work out one of your Internal Team Players to the max…then take another tomorrow, and another, and another and go for the GOLD!!

Until next time Peace and Much Wealth!!!!


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