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Tycoonism : “The most decisive actions of our life … are most often unconsidered actions.”

February 24, 2009

You are where you are in life right now because of the decisions you have made. You have made choices throughout your life based on a way of thinking that seemed logical and reasonable to you at the time. Decisions are based on emotions first and logic second. This means your wisdom plays in your mind in second position only.

But what happens when your choices has not led you to where you wanted to be? Would you say you have wasted everything? Ofcourse not! All of this is not lost because now you know what you do not want because of your experiences. See, you have to experience things for yourself so you can DECIDE what you do want! If you are truly serious about transforming your life and the lives of those you cherish, then implement my System. Choose to do life instead of letting life do you! The choice is YOURS!

Did you notice how our some of decisive actions and crowning moments are usually the time when we thought things were never going to work out? Don’t dwell on your current situation or past failures. If you are to achieve success, you must understand that these two things cannot define who you are or determine your future. You must have faith in yourself and in a System to rise above your current situation and attain success, and wealth.

Sometimes it is difficult to create and make changes in our lives. It is sometimes easier to return to our old selves and use the same excuses that prevents us from trying out new Systems in order to succeed. Shouldn’t our success rate speak for itself?

Know what you want and do everything within your power to get it. If the wrong people, places, and elements are influencing you, CHANGE. These things can only slow your progress and keep you down. The true reality is whatever we decide it is. Our lives are what we make of them. Most, if not all, people want financial success but don’t trust that it is really possible. They want this thing to work, but they don’t have faith that it really will. They invest money, but not their faith.


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