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Tycoonism- “Nothing we achieve in this world is achieved alone.”

March 2, 2009

Of course, everybody has heard of the saying “No one is an Island,”  I know it’s a cliché but this is so very true that in everyday life, each little thing that you do affects someone one way or the other. 

Money has held my fascination at such early age.  I have always wondered how to accumulate wealth and having learned at early age that one has to work hard for oneself in order to earn some money.   So what has motivated me at such early age?  When I was 8, I started my very first business venture.  Whatever was that?  I was selling Watkins products door-to-door, and by eleven, I had established the largest paper delivery route in my county, winning numerous awards and prizes. Not only that, my training as a young athlete begun to create conflict on my ventures. Time went against me, and I found a perfect solution as not to lose my paper routing business—I hired another boy to do the route for me.  During that time, I managed to nurture my love for sports, manage my routing business and earning some cash AND let’s not forget that I have helped another boy earn a living too! 

I have realized that one needed others not just to get things done, but there are people out there who are always willing to teach and impart whatever they have learned to others.  As professional athlete, I have succeeded tremendously with the help of coaches.  My coaches have helped me be on top of my game.  Having decided and found that the missing ingredient in my life was getting me my very own Life Coach.  With Janese, my wife, and Life Coach, my life has reached its full circle.  Having her created a harmonious balance in my life that it became evident that successful people are mentored.  Janese has changed my life.  She has motivated me to move forward and take actions.  I shared with my wife that I wanted to do real estate investing.  In theory, I was starving for financial freedom but lacked direction and a System.  My journey as a real estate investing was a crucial point in my life and when I heard about the GAREIA (Georgia Real Estate Investors Association), I found another mentor, Ron LeGrand. 

Ron has helped me learn a process in language that was simple and straightforward.  This has helped me succeed in a lot of my real estate dealings as negotiations are the heart and soul of real estate business.  Having achieved and become a highly profitable real estate investment company, with the help of powerful mentors (my sport coaches, my wife and Life Coach and Ron LeGrand), I have embraced and relish my mission to share with you how you can take control over your future and create your own wealth, regardless of your current situation or background and over-all being! 

To learn about my successful System, visit the official Mr Tycoon Website.

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  1. March 2, 2009 9:21 pm

    It’s great to hear about your success and it is true that hard work does yield positive results. Great post!

  2. March 3, 2009 9:31 am

    With planning and concrete System, NOTHING is impossible…


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