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Tycoonism- “The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.”

March 5, 2009

I know you’re asking, Mr. Tycoon, “What does Success have to do with Teamwork?” Let me share my insight! Talent alone does not win CHAMPIONSHIPS! This is a FACT.

One of the most important things to find when you seek success is to be able to find the RIGHT people who have the very same goals that you have and those who will fit within your System. If they don’t they can always be motivated to see and realize the teams main goal. I have a banner in my office that says,

“Success is a Team Sport!”

However, I have had a lot of “players” come and go who never really got the concept. Team, you may need to get some new players who fit within your SYSTEM! Because you see, not everyone can play within your style of playing!

In my previous entry, Success Is A Team Sport! Part 2, in order to succeed, you need to keep your “internal players” in harmony. These internal players have to be in agreement with ONE major goal, and that goal can only be achieved if everyone of your internal team is in harmony and united. Now some of you may say “Mr. Tycoon, you forgot Family!” No I didn’t because they have nothing to do with your Success Journey! They are just along for the ride. They merely reap the benefits or the consequences of how your Internal Team is playing. Oh I’ll admit that they can have an influence – a great influence, but the reality, you are the Owner, GM, Coach and Players on Your Internal Team! Everything else is just cheerleading or booing. Some of the aspects of the outside world is just there to distract you from making it to your goals. This is one of the reasons why you needed to stay focused and learn how to tune out unwanted noise from hecklers, cynics and critics. It’s the same thing for each one of us, too – no matter what we hear or seen from our Family, friends, colleagues or opponents, we have to tune everything out and stay focused on our Major DREAM!

So you get your Mental Players together by being focused and positive by communing with them by keeping in touch with each one of them. One way of achieving internal peace and harmony is to meditate. Remember, a quiet and peaceful mind can move and jump hurdles! You will be amazed on how much you can achieve when you are internally attuned.

Most people will say that the main player for an Internal Team’s success is having a “Financial Player.” I won’t argue that you’ve got to be financially stable in order to invest in the tools that will help you reap dividends, like hiring a Life Coach, Physical Trainer or even a Financial Planner. Whatever it takes, you need to nurture your Internal Team in order to function fully as you implement what you want in order to gain Success and Wealth. It’s the TEAM that will get the CHAMPIONSHIP!! So my advice is this– work out one of your Internal Team Players at a time to the max…then take another tomorrow, and another, and another and go for the GOLD!

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  1. Coach V-EG permalink
    March 5, 2009 7:29 pm

    As an athlete, I always was drawn to individual sports – gymnastics, tennis, running – because I got soooo frustrated when a team player didn’t perform up to championship standards. it affected the whole team. It took me a while to understand, however, that even in those individual sports, I had a team working with me to help me be the best. the light bulb went on and I began looking for a team to which I could connect in my business life. I connected with Mr. Tycoon several years ago and today, I am pleased to say I am part of the Franchise. We’re going for the Platinum!!


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