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Tycoonism- “The most important single ingredient in the system of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

March 6, 2009

Yesterday, I have discussed the importance of dealing with your Internal Team. This time, I am telling you that one of the main ingredient in the system of success is knowing how to get along with people.

When you have REALIZED your Dream, your Goal and KNOW how to get them, you can then form your very own Team who will help you achieve your goal. It is important that you only get those who are in the same wave length as you. For sure when you begin to pick up your very own Team Players, you can see and visualize how any of their specific strengths can CONTRIBUTE to the Team. As a Team Leader, you need to know what kind of characters you wanted in your Team. You wouldn’t want a procrastinator and unreliable people into your Team, would you?

You needed to be able to send your message to your Team successfully. You need to spend time with each and every one of them to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Get along with them, and be with your Team. Learn as much as you can about who and what they value in life and see if they are in parallel with your very own goals. Once you learn this, you can begin to inspire and motivate them into see and viewing your very end goal.

When your Team recognizes and accepts your goals including your MAJOR DREAM, they will not hesitate to aim for that too. You needed to get them have a glimpse on what success is and how success feels. That is what it takes to be a good Leader.

Have a productive weekend, everyone!

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