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Tycoonism– “It is possible to fail in many ways… while to succeed is possible only in one way.”

March 10, 2009

Failure can happen to ANYBODY — ANYTIME.   How you deal with failure is vital and this will also give us a clear indication on your future action, should you fall in the same pitfall again. One of the uncanny things in life is that sometimes we are predisposed to respond to certain situation the very same way. “Am I making any sense?” What I meant is that if you have failed hard before, and the effect was just devastating that the thought of failing again just scares the heck out of you. The tendency is this, your body as well as your mind will subconsciously protect you from feeling that very same pain once something in your current situation triggers it. Once it is triggered, your mind will take over subconsciously to protect you. This could mean, feeling nausea, clammy, headache, or even vomiting. When you feel this physical manifestations, you stop and halt. This will prevent you from moving on to your goals… just because your body is reminding you of your past failure and the end result is you cower with fear and you give up.

Being in my 40 or so years in life, I have gone to several ventures. Most I did well, and some I failed. How I picked up the pieces and how I started again was the prime and most distinguishing moment of my life. As an athlete, I am conditioned that in order to succeed and win, I needed to condition my body, mind and spirit for the big game and perform. Not only that, I was also conditioned to perform as hard as I can every time and anywhere, this I think is a very crucial and important behavior that we needed to learn and teach our children.

Once you have a clear map of what you want, and have created the steps to get there, we should be able to begin moving forward to achieving those goals. Ignoring our past experiences would be useless. LEARNING from our past mistakes is the key. Not only that, RECOGNIZING the reason why we failed before would help us AVOID the very same pitfalls in the future.

There is only one way of succeeding in life—


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