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Tycoonism – “Courage is the first rung of the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.”

March 24, 2009

Virtue, according to its etymology – the history of the word – means manliness or courage. Courage is perhaps one of the important virtues that we needed to learn in order for us to start achieving our goals and what we want in this life. But what does this mean in the context of our own development as human beings, and on how we get through the challenges of daily living?

In a previous Tycoonism last week, I highlighted how the “what-ifs” and the “buts” in your life are the serious and all-to-common stumbling blocks (and people) that stop people from living life to its pure and purest form. I say that because it is within our Nature as human beings to aspire to Perfection. That Perfection really is a culmination of our experiences, both good and bad, that create the basis or the foundation of who we really are as God has intend for us to be.

Would you say that we are all born losers? Of course not! It is in our innate nature to be Perfect. How to get there is the key and the real “secret” on how to work for and achieve what we want. Courage, in its truest form, is our very own readiness to be. Courage gives us the strength and the inner fortitude, when we feel things are not exactly going our way, to press on. When we allow ourselves to be beaten down by the negativity of life, it is natural for Courage to kick in. We just have to get used to it, and learn how to tap into our courage every day.

“But it’s so hard, Mr. Tycoon! I look around me and I do not see good things happening to my neighbors, and myself? How can we continue to build courage when everything around us is crumbling?” Precisely!!! Precisely the point I want to make!! The fear of failure…the “buts” and the “what ifs” in our life, are what we call Uncertainty and Doubt. It is doubt and the fear of failure that will suck us down. When we are uncertain, we do not feel courage; we do not feel positive. Success and Failure is a two-sided coin. If we nurture and develop courage, the rest of the other virtues that create and bring consistency in our life will follow. Mastering and knowing ourselves and how to pick ourselves up every time we think we have failed or every time we are afraid, is Courage in its truest form.

What are the rest of the virtues that we needed to develop is we want true Success in life? They are Prudence, Temperance, and Justice.

Prudence is the ability to make intelligent and rational decisions in everyday matters; while Temperance is the ability to avoid extremes in actions, beliefs, or habits. This could be excessive drinking (alcoholism), eating or consumption (gluttony) or even excessive sex! Remember how our grandmothers used to tell us, anything excessive can’t be good for us? Well it is true!

Changing what is detrimental to our health and overall being can be difficult and challenging, but as soon as you get this done, NOTHING is impossible. When you manage to change for the better, the other virtues you need follow automatically. What is important to remember is this… When you override your bad habits or the inclination to overindulge yourself with the unnecessary things and temptations in this world, and you accept and appreciate the better things in life, this Habit of Courage will enable you to attain your goals and what you want done now. Coupled with Reasoning, Temperance will decrease those negative and insatiable appetites that impede and delay your personal growth. Creating the Habit of courage everyday is the very key to achieving your goals NOW!!

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