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Tycoonism – “There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.”

March 26, 2009

Have you noticed that sometimes, you simply don’t have enough time? Sometimes, you run out of time and you huff in frustration. Time is the space we live in everyday and although I don’t believe in being a slave to time, it does keep us on our toes and helps us to be aware that time is crucial in our lives, and how it figures into our daily plans and our goals.

Time is simply unmanageable (Time Management the Myth!!!). Time is constant, it moves with or without us. What is important is how to RIDE with the time. What is important is you KNOW what you want in any given time. We are time bound, but if you do not know what you want done in a given time, you end up wasting valuable time. You could have finished your tasks, or you could have earned more money if you just hadn’t wasted your time worrying over things you cannot control. If there is anything you can control, it is YOU. Learn to manage yourself and you could GET THINGS done. Prioritize your tasks and systematically deal with one task after the other. Do not falter. Do not do so many things at the same time. If you have not mastered multi-tasking, then forget it. You can get more things done by creating a simple plan. Nothing complicated, just a simple list with deadlines will do.

You do not have to do everything. You just need to recognize what NEEDS to be done. Time is not just a System we use to measure our progress so we can create boundaries and limits so we can set and begin our action plan. Time is our most valuable asset next to our Mind! When you know you are time bound, you are aware of it, and your mind and body will get and feel the urgency.

Check in tomorrow and I will fill you in on a Powerful Mind Set for Success! Your Mind sets the Clock of Activity!!!

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