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Tycoonism ” Better Three Hours Too Soon, Than One Minute Too Late.”

April 9, 2009

Do you know anyone who has taken a Time Management class at work or on their own? Chances are you do (maybe you have yourself); for a while there, time management was all the rage in the corporate work-a-day world. Some companies made a fortune selling time-management systems to allow you to maximize your output both at work and at home. You can get so much more accomplished if you learn how to manage your time.

NOW HEAR THIS!! You cannot Manage Time!!!!

Can you make time Stand Still?

Can you increase (or decrease) the number of seconds or minutes or hours in a day? Can you increase (or decrease) the number of days in a year beyond 366 – which only happens every 4 years? Can you make days shorter? (News Flash: just because it gets dark earlier doesn’t make the day shorter) Of course not!! Time does not wait for anyone. It constantly moves and time never stops. And it cannot be managed!


The real Secret to so-called Time Management is You Management. You see, there are things in life we call time-bound. There are things that we must do no matter what – sleeping, eating, job (?); and there are some things we need to learn to put aside so we can focus on something else – that’s You Management. If you have time-bound projects or things that need to be done, take the Nike approach – Just do it!

The first question you must ask yourself is, “What is it that I am attempting to do?” Once you get that Clear, then you must use what I simply call Priority Management! See, when you Prioritize your activities, then you can place them within this System called Time. That is the only way you can even attempt to get things done in a timely manner.

Can I back up to that last Statement to Prove a Point? I am sure you don’t mind since you are reading this (and anyway you can’t object at this moment in time – well, you could but to what end). Getting things done in a timely manner is the statement I’m backing up to and here is the point: which is more important? The Time or the Outcome, i.e. Getting it Done? Done is the whole objective for everything we do. Time is just the System we use to measure our progress, or to set boundaries for when we are to take action and for how long. The Proven Point? It is this prioritizing of activity, placed within the Time System and acted upon, that achieves the Desired Result – Done!

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