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Tycoonism- ” When you come to a roadblock on your path to success, take a detour. “

April 13, 2009

Have you ever noticed that when things are not working out and when life is simply not working out, frustration steps in and depression creeps in. When we choose to allow depression and frustration to creep inside, our mind goes in hyperdrive and when we allow this kind of situation to go on, we tend to overlook the other aspect of our lives that are otherwise doing well. Remember the operative word: choose. We choose how and when to react on situations. We do have the power to choose the way we handle things and situations. It is not wise to rush into other things when things your mind is in jumbles and you are not clear about your motivations and real purpose. Do not create more problems by turning to alcohol, or doing drugs.

When things are not doing as well as we think, think again before reacting. Take a deep breath and a long look of the situation and take a little break– a detour. These kind of little breaks will allow you to recoup and to reassess your current situation. Things might not be doing as well we want but things but we have to learn to admit that we do not always get what we want nor the results we truly wanted. Times like this requires humility as well as patience.

Allow others to help if it is available. It does take some humility to seek the help of others and reach out when things are not working out as we have planned. Do not allow failure nor mistakes take the best out of you. When you get into a roadblock, this does not mean that the situation is completely hopeless. Instead of wallowing on self pity and hopelessness, look around you and try to understand why things happened the way it did. sometimes, removing yourself from this kind of dreary situation mentally is good for you. Take a short break. If the problem is family, then take a walk outside and breathe. Remember there are ways on how we can take our “detours.” Choose a more recreational detour that will help you recharge and collect yourselves. Allow nature to take its course.

After you have recharged, recollect yourself and reassess your situation with a more clearer mind, you will notice that things are not as bad as it seem. When your mind is clearer, it is natural for rationality to kick in.

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  1. Tamela permalink
    April 13, 2009 9:20 am


    Thank you Mr.Tycoon!
    Your Tycoonisms really encourage me. I reach out to others but it seems nobody reaches back, except for the Holy Spirit and your Tycoonisms. They both comfort me with the truth and no games being played.

    Sometimes it takes roadblocks to occur in our lives to make us stop, look, and listen. You have to know what roadblocks caused you to stop, then look at the truth of the roadblocks, and finally listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say cause truth be told some of our roadblocks are choices that we made in the past that only hurts us now, or in the future. So again Listen to the Holy Spirit and lean not to your own understanding, and always seek Peace, Love, and Joy…

    Peace Out!


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