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Tycoonism- “If you think you can accomplish something or think you can’t, you are right!”

April 14, 2009

“Never underestimate the power of the mind,” I know I have read that somewhere… “What your mind can conceive your body can achieve.” These are famous adages and product taglines that not only speak volumes, but is based on basic truths. You and I know that when we put our mind into anything, we are motivated. In my book, Success is Not a Secret Its a System , I have repeatedly stressed the importance of the being strong in the mind. When you think and know, there is no residue of doubt because knowing means complete conviction. When you know in your mind and feel it in your gut, as well as your heart and your soul, then you know. Understand that the foundation for all successful endeavors is Certainty. You will be successful when you have it and you won’t be when you don’t.

Knowing begets certainty. If you don’t have absolute certainty that you deserve prosperity and merit more wealth than you know what to do with, then the universe will make sure you don ‘t have it!” Certainty is the power cord for every principle in this book. Without Certainty, reading this entry and this blog is nothing more than a bunch of power tools lying around with no electrical outlet to plug them into. In the end, you’re not going to be able to build a thing with them!

Remember GIGO… Garbage In, Garbage Out

Our mind reflects habitual thoughts, it is therefore our responsibility to influence our mind and brain with positive emotions, thoughts and energy as the dominating factors in our mind. Mind power is beyond positive thinking, it is thinking than believing what you think that will manifest your reality. Since this mind power is power of thought and beliefs, and these thoughts will create the outcome of your now, you will want to be aware of your reflections and your thoughts. Continue to enrich your mind. Continue to select good behavior and continue to learn from your experiences. Enrich your lives from positive experiences and live fully.

Certainty is just plain Knowing! When you know that you know, all things work to your favor, there is no need to fear, no need to procrastinate, ponder, or analyze a thing to death. You can move forward with Certainty that all things are working for and towards your Ultimate Success! Let’s be clear about my next point! Moving from Belief where there residue of doubt is present, to Knowing with Certainty which occurs through Experience. You really will not know until you produce your desired result! In order to produce a desired result, there must be Proper Action. We want PROPER ACTION! Random action may leave you with unfavorable results.

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