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Mr Tycoon Keynote Speaker at Women’s Conference

April 20, 2009

I would like to invite all of you who are within the Atlanta, Georgia area to come and join me on April 26, 2009, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM for the Prosper 4 A Purpose Conference and Trade Show. This is the first of four series of conferences which aims to help those who wish to regroup, refocus and regain control of their lives especially with the current hardship and economic strain that every American is experiencing right now. Along with other key speakers, we shall educate, inspire and elevate those who want to start their own businesses and people trying to secure new employment. I shall be imparting advice, wisdom and inspiration to those who aspire financial freedom and proper wealth management. All proceeds of these series of conferences shall be used to Prosper Me! Youth Academy, a Non-Profit center which offers teaches entrepreneurship skills to children ages 5-18 and the Prosper Me! University where ex-felons are taught how to start their own businesses. Unfortunately there are not enough job programs that are willing to assist parolees with securing employment.

Prosper 4 A Purpose, a movement that will offer free advice, guidance and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs young and old. Come, join other exceptional speakers like Nia Thicklin, the Founder of Prosper Me, Denise Martin, Fanta “Promise” Sullivan and Samantha Welton. We shall all speak about how you can develop your strengths and how the development of your 5 Areas of Life is crucial to your development as a Person with a purpose.

The First Series of Conference is going to be held at 619 Boulevard Ave Atlanta, GA. 30308.
For more information about the conference, you can call 678-768-9707 or email

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