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Tycoonism ” The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”

April 23, 2009

According to Psychology Today, procrastination is the sure-fire way to sabotage yourself and hinder your way to success. “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “The money isn’t going anywhere, it will be there when I’m ready” or “I just need to buy this one last book, then I will be ready.” Some people are actually waiting to make some money—so that they can make some money! Never worry about how much money, ability, or equipment you are starting with–just begin with a billion dollars worth of determination.

Whatever you allow your mind to tell you becomes truth. If you tell your mind that you will never get what you want from life, what do you think will happen? You never will. If you tell yourself that only wealthy people have the time and money to exercise and eat right, then you will never get off that couch and your health will fail. If you allow your mind to believe that only “other” people travel the world, then you will never make it out of your neighborhood, your city, or your country!

Once you accept how much power you have resting just beneath your hat, your entire world will change. You can actually design a blueprint in your mind of how you want to live and grow. You can actually program your mind like a laptop and produce any result that you want.

“No other life than the life that you live in your mind is Possible”

If you would only teach your mind to speak success to you everyday, many times a day, you would see success in every area of your life without fail. This book will support your efforts to redesign your mind, refocus your energy, and put your plan for success into unstoppable action! Believe it or not, many people reach this point, the point of action, and fail. They fail because they did not reprogram their thoughts. But those who succeed at this stage do so because they look to those who have gone before them and they remember what they have seen. These courageous people remember and they think and their thoughts lead them to feel like they can succeed. Their feeling of success leads them to act. They put their newfound system into action and when all is said and done, they understand. It’s theirs for all time to implement again and again.

Changing the way you think is a process with very specific steps. In order to take control of your mind, to use it to its fullest potential you have to become aware of its power. Once you have this awareness, you must understand why you have thoughts of failure. Maybe your thoughts came from an overly critical parent or teacher. When you were a child their word was law, so you believed them. Maybe there was a time when you wanted to try something that no one else had ever tried and your family or friends talked you out of it. Wherever your negative (self-defeating) thoughts came from, you must come to understand that they came from outside you and you don’t have to keep them. These thoughts are not the real you, they are someone else’s fears playing like a recording in your mind. You can and must separate yourself from them, then replace them with thoughts of health, wealth, and success. Decide right now to change how you view yourself. Think of yourself as a container for wealth and prosperity. Now see yourself growing in mind, body, and spirit to contain more and more wealth, health, and success.

Remember this. You are already a winner. Not because I say so, but because you are sitting where you are right now. At the very beginning of your existence, you were a sperm fighting against an entire squadron of other sperms trying to be the one. You fought your way through untold perils. Maybe you weren’t the first one to reach the egg, but you were the first one to break through! In that almost invisible state, you were the only one who persevered. Just imagine what you can do now.

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