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Tycoonism ” The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning.”

April 24, 2009

Spiritual growth mean differently to different people. To some, spiritual growth meant gaining of the self and losing the I . To me, spiritual growth meant freeing oneself from the demands of organized religions, creeds, socially accepted beliefs, the dictates of any prophet or gods. All of these characteristics of religious participation establish only the group-identity, the body of like-minded believers. People can spend an entire lifetime following the teachings and beliefs of others, without ever finding the path that is right for them personally.
While the ultimate result of any truly spiritual path is letting go of our egos. One cannot begin on one’s own personal path of spiritual realization unless one establishes his individuality. This quest for individuality is a lifelong process. It is a long process of learning. Learning our true selves and discovering our potentials and what we can achieve. When one has established his own identity and his own individuality.
So how do we learn to know ourselves? In this all maddening world of chaos and economic crisis. Who do we learn to achieve oneness and selflessnes? According to Lynn Garrett, religion editor of Publishers Weekly, “We live in such a noisy culture, such a culture of distraction. One of the benefits of all these practices – prayer, meditation or even crafting – is to focus attention and create some quiet mental space. People are really hungry for that.” Embarking on the purposeful inner life means daring to be alone in silence at times, but that doesn’t mean cutting oneself off altogether from other people. On the contrary, Dietrich says, community is “critical” to keep the process fruitful. Living the inner life amid the daily demands of work, school and home poses substantial challenges, but it is in ordinary routines that a contemplative habit gets reinforced.
To teach us to heighten our awareness we needed to be in silence and on meditative state. We needed to increase using daily activities to strengthen habits of mindfulness. It might take us longer than most, but didn’t I just say this is a lifelong journey?

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