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Tycoonism “Without courage, you can accomplish nothing.”

April 28, 2009

At times, it will be very difficult to push yourself to do something you have never done before. Our lives show us that everything we have learned comes at a price. Once we are committed and educated, we must be willing to pay that price for success. That is where courage, faith, consistency and persistence come into play. You will gain more courage, faith, and confidence from doing this new thing. That’s a guarantee! A great example of this is my former tennis career. When I started playing tennis I was not the best. However, after consistently practicing, taking lessons, and implementing what I learned, I became better. One win built upon another in.
During those extremely challenging times that I lost, I looked back and reminded myself of the times when I was the winner. I used those memories to sustain me. You will have to do the same with this system. You will have to look back to the times when you did make that big deal; to the times when you did overcome a challenge and succeeded. The negative elements that are keeping you from reaching your goals could be the myth of job security; an unhealthy living situation; a lust for high priced material possessions; an addiction; or the comfort of complacency. Whatever it is for you–let it go ! Let it go and marvel at how the universe will open up for you; it will surround you, embrace you, and reward you. So tap into your courage—the courage to reveal the authentic you who wants to break free.
But those who succeed at this stage do so because they look to those who have gone before them and they remember what they have seen. These courageous people remember and they think and their thoughts lead them to feel like they can succeed. Their feeling of success leads them to act. They put their newfound system into action and when all is said and done, they understand. It’s theirs for all time to implement again and again. Changing the way you think is a process with very specific steps. In order to take control of your mind, to use it to its fullest potential you have to become aware of its power. Once you have this awareness, you must understand why you have thoughts of failure. Maybe your thoughts came from an overly critical parent or teacher. When you were a child their word was law, so you believed them. Maybe there was a time when you wanted to try something that no one else had ever tried and your family or friends talked you out of it.

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