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Tycoonism “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.”

May 6, 2009

Listen, you can be a victim or you can be rich, but you can’t be both! Are you angry and bitter blaming everyone else for your shortcomings? Have you allowed your anger to stop you from taking advantage of life’s abundant opportunities? Or are you the misunderstood genius whose profuse theories are just too grandiose for the average person to understand? Have you ever attempted to put those theories into practice or are you waiting for the world to catch on to how clever you are?

Dan Kennedy stated my point succinctly in his book The Ultimate Success Secret, when he said, “It is important to note that successful people tend to defy their labels past and present with their actions. Unsuccessful people accept and conform to their labels by their actions.

“When we make empty unfounded excuses we give up control of our lives. When we make groundless, baseless excuses we give up control and abdicate our responsibility for our own future; for our own wealth.”

Success and failure is a two-sided coin. How it lands once you have thrown it up depends solely on how you look at it. What you must shift is your focus from the negative to the positive side of the coin. The fact is if you don’t shift your perspective, you have failed from the beginning. You have failed before you have even started…you have talked yourself out of it.

Experiencing failure is necessary in this world. What makes it valuable is if you learn from your mistakes and use this failure to turn yourself around. You can always fail and yet you can always try again. There is always hope in this world. Anything good deed will always reap you good fate and good optimism.

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