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Tycoonism “We count our miseries carefully, and accept our blessings without much thought.”

May 12, 2009

One of the ironies in this world is most often we take our own blessings for granted. We are sometimes just too miserable… Life in itself is a gift. There are marvelous sensations to be experienced. The warmth of a sunset, the laughter of a newborn, the embrace of a loved one are just a few things that bring us great joy.

A large part of life is also portioned out to the mundane activities. Our jobs, paying bills, high taxes and bureaucratic red tape are just some of the daily problems that rob us of joy and make us weary. At times the mundane is so exhausting that we tend to forget that life is beautiful and bountiful. We lose sight of what is important. No longer do we smell the roses or enjoy the sunsets. Instead we pile worry on top of stress and soon we resent, instead of appreciate, our life.

Here are some tips to overcoming misery, depression and frustration:

Eat Healthy. Start your day with a good proper breakfast. Stay away from highly saturated fats… You are what you eat and what you consume does affect you health: Mentally, Spiritually and Physically. So eat healthy, get a load of some fruits and vegetable everyday. I promise you will feel much better…2. Remember that You Are Not Going Crazy.

Take a break from media overload. Most of what you hear on TV and read in the papers is not good news. The last thing you need now is hearing some sad story about what is happening elsewhere. This may not only cloud your thoughts but may very well aggravate your very own sadness, making things all the more negative. Learn to Relax. Relaxing helps you escape the daily mundane routine to a more soothing condition There are various relaxation techniques including yoga and meditation. Some days when I just need to unwind I like to make a cup of herbal tea, put on some soft music (instrumental) take off my shoes, put my feet up and let my mind drift into a dream like state. Other times when the day produced a great deal of stress, I dance. Dancing helps me to release the built up toxic emotions. Only then am I able to relax. Then find what works for you. Experiment until you succeed.

The old cliche, “Laughter is the best medicine” still rings true. Read a funny book, watch the playful antics of newborn animals on the discovery channel. Whatever amuses you, drink it in It is therapeutic to laugh out loud, and you cannot avoid feeling a little better. Dwell on the Positive and Count your blessings. We have so many things to be thankful for; however, we often take them for granted. With an attitude of gratitude, depression cannot thrive. Fill your mind with these factors so traces of sadness can be overcome with gladness. Renew Your Thoughts. There is a surge of ‘feel good about oneself’ type emotions when you do something for someone else. If you have never experienced the feeling you are in for something wonderful. When you feel that great about yourself the problems seem to fade from the surface. Plus good deeds beget good deeds. You become a channel in which blessings flow back and forth.

Remember to be content with your life, but never give up dreaming like a child. Take each day as it come, say ‘yes’ to the universe, for all things good and bad serve to build your character. Most important of all is keep your thoughts on a positive vein at all times.

Though not the end all be all of how to cope with the challenges of depression, the daily challenges might seem daunting. But for as long as you keep tabs on how you feel and understand why you feel that way. Let depression, frustration and anxiety get in the way. Look around you and renew your gratitude to the One. You can still enjoy your day, believe it or not.

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