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Tycoonism “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

May 13, 2009

Throughout our lifetimes there are many times we should be appreciative of what we have. However, showing gratitude for the many blessing in our life doesn’t come naturally to most of us especially in the highly materialistic society we live in now.

Many parents valiantly try to teach children the practice of showing gratitude and being thankful for the good life that they have. This can prove to be difficult since the main focus of toy companies today is to make the kids want more. When you don’t provide it for them they think you are being mean. This exact situation is what makes people show how much they appreciate someone with material objects. This form of gratitude does give someone the impression that you appreciate them. However, this material possession loses value and in-turn meaning.

Well, what is Gratitude? In the dictionary it is described as “the feeling of being thankful for somebody or something in one’s life.”

But does anyone ever take the time to reflect on what that means to them. Take a moment and relax. Think about the good things in your life. You’ll find you have plenty to be grateful for. Each November, American families gather together for the annual Thanksgiving dinner, where they express their thanks for all the good things that they have experienced during the past year. Besides this one-a-year event, there are several other opportunities for us to be able to show our gratitude in small and simple ways

While thanksgiving does give the whole family a warm fuzzy feeling. Try to give that feeling all year round. Make everyone who help make dinner special feel appreciated by giving the praise. You can try and begin a family ritual of finding something to be thankful for at the end of each day. Involve even the younger members of the family.

People frequently say thank you without really meaning it. There may be a variety of reasons for this, but most often is one’s secret desire to have what the other person has achieved or received. Jealousy does prevent us from being completely sincere sometimes, and here are a few things you can think about to suppress this negative emotion.

Remember that being grateful does not require you to spend a lot of time or money. A simple and sincere thank-you note can be worth more than an expensive gift that you just asked your secretary to buy.

Learn to say thanks even for the smallest things. Not only will you be able to make people feel appreciated, but you will also be developing a vital habit that will stay with you your entire life.

A large part of gratitude is giving something back to the world. Donating cash to charitable institutions is good, but money doesn’t always have to be involved. You may choose to spend some weekends as a volunteer at an orphanage or animal shelter.

Pass on This Practice to Your Children. No matter how much you push your kids to eat their vegetables by telling them their are starving kids in other parts of the world it doesn’t seem to get through to them. They don’t see a real connection between poor kids and their yucky vegetables. Exposing young children to the harsh realities of the world may sound extreme, but it is actually a more effective way of teaching them the value of gratitude. You can do this by taking your child to a soup kitchen or just watching humanitarian shows on National Geographic or Discovery Channel.

When you do decide to start taking this action, make sure you are prepared to answer any questions your child may have. Soon, you will notice positive changes in your child and you can proudly say that you have given them a better life simply by teaching them to be grateful for what they have. Your journey towards personal growth is largely affected by your attitude of gratitude. However, expressing gratitude is not the equivalent of giving up on your dreams. If you have a higher goal for your career, for instance, by all means pursue that goal.

If it’s a bigger house that you want, start saving for it. If your child is hinting about that new electronic toy, they can certainly have it – by working for it. Teach your child the value of money. If you have an attitude of gratitude, you won’t find it difficult to find true happiness in all things, whether big or small.

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