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Tycoonism ” Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”

May 15, 2009

There is a concept called “the law of attraction” and it works once you know how to use it effectively. The law of attraction includes the act of being grateful for everything that you already have in your life. It is made up of positive thinking combined with gratefulness. The law of attraction has been known to be related to receiving abundance in every area of a person’s life. Several people have used this concept and continue to use it in everyday thinking. It becomes a part of who you are and it is very effective and easy to do. By transforming the way you see the world, you can change your destiny. Positive attracts positive, and negative attracts negative. You have to become what you want to be.

This kind of thinking is often called “the attitude of gratitude.” It includes thinking positively about everything in your life that is already there. For instance, it means being grateful and thereby receiving more into your life. You have to be positive to receive positive. Have you ever met a very negative person? I am sure that you have. What is that person’s reality like? He or she is probably miserable because they are constantly attracting other negative things into their lives. A person can drive their deserved fortunes away by adopting a negative attitude. The law of attraction requires that you believe that you already possess what you want in life. For example, say that your desire is to be making 5,000 dollars a month. You will need to say “I am so grateful that I make 5,000 dollars a month”. This may sound a bit crazy, but it is not. This way of thinking will attract this type of abundance your way so that it may become your reality. Once it happens, you will be able to break down the areas of negative thinking. Once you start gaining abundance, love, and positivity, the negative aspects will automatically cancel themselves out. In no time at all, you will have the life that you have always wanted and deserved.

Things that are due to you will start to pour in once you have attained a pure level of gratitude. In most instances, you will become a humble person and most likely will never forget the time that you were in need. This will make you even more grateful for the things that you have and as well as always appreciate the smaller things in life. Having faith that goodness is going to come your way is probably the most important besides being grateful for what you already have. Faith is a wonderful thing, and it helps us the feel that without a shadow of a doubt, that everything is going to be okay. You have got to have faith.

With all of this positive thinking, you are bound to have a much better lifestyle than what you are experiencing right now (especially if you are a negative thinker). Remember to cancel out the negative aspects of your life by simply replacing them with something more colorful, happy, and cheerful.

Most of all, you have to appreciate and recognize what is already abundant in your life right now. By realizing your current state of abundance, everything will start to increase. It is possible to have a wonderful life, free of negativity and full of peace and happiness.

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  1. Tamela permalink
    May 15, 2009 9:37 am

    Greetings everyone,

    Its ironic that your speaking about the law of attraction. I recently viewed the Secret which is the law of attraction. You really are what you attract. When you’ve been in the dark so long, then light starts to shine, it exposes you to the truth. When you find out your thinking is what’s been keeping you down. You first are in shock cause you thought you knew what was going on. Changing what has been exposed to you is a challenge cause your use to the way you think, but you can overcome it. Some people change faster than others, but being around people who DON’T think positive or want to grow really can stunt your growth. When the light starts to shine walk in it, cause in the dark you can’t see the truth. The truth is change your stinking thinking… So we’ve got to keep walking in the light while being transformed. To all the people who’s been hurt, lied on, etc press on, don’t stay in the dark, change that stinking thinking to positive thoughts and keep it moving. Remember you are not alone…
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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