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Tycoonism “Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.”

May 20, 2009

What is “taking responsibility”?

As children it was much easier, all you had to do was say: “I’m hungry! I want to eat, I’m thirsty, I want something to drink!”

Today isn’t much different, we still say the same things, but because we are supposedly adults, our sayings are more relevant to adults. We’ve grown use to say what our condition is, and what we want, and from that moment on, we enter standby mode. You can wait for someone to come and serve you beverages, food, salary, buy you a house, give you money, you can wait for the same man to come to you and offer you a better job, offer you a raise, an executive position, you can wait for the potential client to call you and ask for your service, or product, you can wait for love, you can wait for a phone call from your parents to renew the relationship, you can wait for your child to approach you and say he needs help, you can wait for a girl to come to you and offer to go have a drink, you can wait for a man to come to you and tell you there’s no need for you to be here today, go home and spend time with your kid, with your wife. You can go on waiting, I guarantee you it will not come.

But once you’re waiting, and in waiting status, how many times do you find yourself waiting for a call from a friend, male or female, how many times do you find yourself waiting for an invitation from a girl, how many times do you come home from work, or reach a certain place, and wait for someone to ask how was it? How many times do you wait to be offered your dream job, to be offered a raise, or even a partnership?

How many times do have you found yourself waiting for someone to hear an idea you told a close friend in the local pub, for that person that heard it to get up and approach you with a will to fund you and your idea? How many times have you waited for new clients to come into your shop, or your office, how long have waited for good and devoted employees to come looking for a job, how long have you waited for a journalist to come to your rebellion and ask you about your field, and even publicize you on the paper? How long have you waited to be offered a discount at suppliers? How long have you been waiting for something good to happen in your life?

How long have you been waiting for that perfect girl to bump into you in the street and fall to your feet? How long have you kept waiting for the same girl at the office to ask for your number.

How long have you been waiting for the right deal to come to you?

How long have you been waiting to make money?

Inspired action occurs when someone acts efficiently and easily, to create a greater result than they normally would have been able to. Have you ever found that you’re in “the zone” in a certain project, where get more done in less time, with less effort than you ever have—and it’s enjoyable?

Then you’ve experienced Inspired Action. This is the way we’re designed to work. We each have a unique collection of talents that are just waiting to be used. We want to use our natural gifts and we have a desire to do so. When we act in harmony with these talents, life becomes easy.

This is the secret of Inspired Action: to act upon our drive to use our abilities. We possess endless energy to act upon our greatest desire. But most of the time, we’re far too concerned about doing other things that we think we “should” be doing. This is not to say that we should ignore our responsibilities. Instead, we can add the use of our abilities to every day life.

When we learn about Inspired Action, a common misconception is that in order to take inspired action on a consistent basis, we can just pick from an infinite list of whims that catch our attention at any given time. This is not so. Taking inspired action day after day relies upon our attention to following our bliss. When we’re doing that, we’re tapping in to our natural drive. Inspired action comes from tapping into what is within all of us: a desire to express our talents.

In using inspired action, which is enjoyable an productive, keep yourself focused upon using your natural gifts. But don’t limit what your gifts are. Talents are so natural and easy for us, it is easy to overlook them. For instance, I would never have considered that I was a good organizer had I not been paying attention to what I have a longing to do and an aptitude for. Now that I’ve realized that I have a talent for organization, I incorporate it into my day, looking at ways to further organize my life for more efficiency and enjoyment.

Another erroneous belief is that we’re good at only one thing and that should be our profession. That is a sure way to squelch many talents that we have that don’t fit easily into a job. We have many abilities and the more we use them in every area of our lives, the more talents we discover. Be open to more and more as you go along, making sure to notice when you’re enjoying something. That is a great sign of you using your innate abilities.

In closing, the main crux of the secret of Inspired Action is to act using your unique abilities. Notice your many talents throughout the day and make it a point to use them.

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  1. Coach V-EG permalink
    May 20, 2009 8:26 am

    How long? Not long!!! Inspiring Blog – I have committed to blissfully pursuing the identification of my Passion, and enjoying the use of the plethora of talents I possess along the way!

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