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Tycoonism “One thousand days to learn; ten thousand days to refine.”

June 10, 2009

Learning is the essence of life.  We live to learn, each and ever way. There are a few things you can do to accelerate your learning curve and grasp the subject quickly.

5 Attitudes for Effective Learning

If you use the following 5 guidelines, you can significantly increase the speed at which you learn.

1) Desire

Your desire for learning the information must be personal, and aimed at the end result. A willingness to follow a system for success is important, but the only way to master a subject is to possess a true desire to learn it.

2) Motivation

This is not about getting psyched up and excited. It is about asking yourself, What’s in it for me? The more reasons you come up with to study the material, and learn from those who are successful, the more you will get out of the learning experience.

3) Relevance

The more connections you make to the relevance of what you are learning and what it is that you want, the more that you will be able to retain and later apply.

4) Anticipation

Looking forward to your learning experience like a child before Christmas can greatly benefit your ability to learn.

5) Positive Expectation

If you expect to learn easily and get the most from your experience, then you position yourself to retain more of what you learn.

All attitudes are learned behaviors, and you can therefore apply these five attributes to all your learning experiences by simply choosing to do so.

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