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Tycoonism ” Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.”

July 2, 2009

Learning, is it an increase in knowledge, or an understanding through experience? What is it to learn? As children we are taught our times tables, but we also learn to ride a bike. Can you learn to ride a bike without ever getting on one? Even when you have learnt, you must develop the skill further for example if you want to go mountain biking in rocky hills. Again, this is only achieved by practice through experience. Schools prepare us for life, so they say, but do they? Can we get that experience of the ‘real world’ at school? Do we need the simplified basics first in order to develop our understanding of the more complicated things we will encounter later on in life? Coursework is an example of simplified reality. In a controlled environment, students can explore how something outworks itself. There is usually a clear conclusion that can be drawn, with tangible answers.

Through school we learn that head knowledge is important and valuable, which it is. But on its own, does it help us later on in life? At 16, kids are given the opportunity to learn vocational skills. These incorporate work experience and placements, which give the students a feel of the reality of that career. They learn to deal with different types of customers, how to think on their feet when faced with problems they haven’t been taught a solution for. This type of learning is what makes people skilled professionals. They can know every textbook available, but it is if they can adapt to situations and solve problems, they are likely to be more successful in their vocational career.

Experience is the greatest teacher of all. As we grow in our marketing experience we must always keep this in mind. Today’s marketer has to be very versatile and willing to undergo some hard knocks to be successful. Experience will teach us in various ways but there is also a quick way to gain experience. It is so true to this day that experience is important, but what you do with it is the key to success.

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