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Tycoonism ” Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.”

July 6, 2009
LONDON - JULY 08:  Roger Federer of Switzerlan...
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I can’t stress enough the importance of getting children motivated and involved in sports at a young age. With child obesity sky-rocketing it is now more important than ever for parents to instill sports motivation in their children. Not only is it great exercise to keep them healthy, but it also teaches them discipline and competition. After watching the breathtaking tennis match between Roddick and Federer, there in no doubt that tennis and other sports can be beneficial to your health and to your mind set. For those who knew me well, right after graduating from high school, I attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA on a Tennis Scholarship. In 1998, I joined the ATP Satellite Circuit (the tune up circuit for the ATP Tour), which is a league very similar to the minor league in baseball. One of the most important benefits of what sports has imparted in my life is the mental aspect of success – they called it Sports Psychology then. One of my coaches asked me what separated the top10 players in the world from the top 100. I said, “Their paycheck and titles.” He laughed at that and then told me to run some sprints for being a comic! Then, after I had run my sprints, he shared with me the mental aspect of the game -which the top 10 players were much more mentally tough and thought on another level, and consequently, responded differently to tough situations.

One of best things that sports has helped me is my ability to focus and create steps in order to reach my goal– which was Winning. In order to win, one must have the discipline and the focus to stay on top of his game and into perfecting his craft, and in my case, Tennis. Not only is physical one of the advantages of being in sports, but there are also benefits mentally. In sports, an athlete cannot judge himself based on past defeats or the opinions of sports writers and fans, but rather on his faith in his ability and his past triumphs. He knows he has worked hard to reach this position, his goals; the fans and critics only see the score or statistic from the last game, not HOW he got there! That is why successful athletes have faith in their abilities. They know that they deserve success. They close their ears to the critics’ opinions and so should you! Know this; you can always come back and be on top – look at Donald Trump!!

See, people rarely know or see all of the work that you put into your Success Journey. All they see is the finished product, which is always a work in progress from our point of view. What do I mean by this? Every individual wants to improve – conditions, circumstances, etc. It’s a part of the human condition. You will always continue to want to gain more in some sort of way; it is natural. You are in the midst of evolution.

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