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Tycoonism “I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.”

July 22, 2009

Have you experience instances in your life when you tried too many things and failed almost on each and every one of them? Maybe you have tried to do too many tasks in go and you ended up not doing everything or if you managed to do everything they were not up par to your standards and they all ended up poorly done? Tell me, what happens when you drink your coffee too quickly? You burn your lips and tongue in the process. Not only that, you spill the coffee on yourself and burn your lap and ruin your best trousers…

I know alot of people can relate to today’s Tycoonism. Sometimes, we get too confident and ambitious and we try to do too many things at the same time. You see there is physical and mental limitations on what we can do. These are not perceived notions or ideas– this happens to be true to most of us and you know it.

Our body can only do and perform as much. We all need time to rest and rest well. Most of the time, we learn this lesson the hard way, and you actually take alot of risks by trying to do too many things. Ofcourse in order to be able to do so many things, we needed to veer away from some of the things we usually do. Some started to skip having breakfast in order to be at the office earlier to be able to do more tasks or finish more projects. When you miss your breakfast, you also miss having a meal with family and spending some times with the children before they go off to school. Or maybe you stay up late in the office to do some overtime in order to earn more money and you end up missing everybody in the house and when you come home, everyone happens to be in bed already.

And then you ask me, “But Mr Tycoon, I needed to work longer, in order to earn more money” or “I needed to work longer so then I can pay for the mortgages and car payments.” I know mortgages and paying for your credits is your responsibility, and being able to provide and earn a living and being able to give what your children wanted gives us pride and happiness…. however, sometimes slip ups happen. Your children starts slipping away. Or your wife starts looking for companionship elsewhere. The key is how to be able to balance your life and be able to create harmony in every important aspects of your life.

I am not talking about perfection… I am referring to quality time with family, and friends– in short, FAMILY.

I know I have said that time management is a sham. ( . The only way you can be able to do anything in this life is to just do it! However, creating a balanced and harmonious life might be a hurdle to most. I believe that in order for one to have a harmonious life, every important pillars in your life have to be strong and balance and only then can you can have a harmonious living. How is this possible? One must create a series of positive attitude that adhere to the behavior that bring success. With that, it is only logical that this will result to success as well. You must create and maintain that can only produce positive result. Do away with nasty habits and attitudes that brings negativity into your life. You can begin knocking down one habit at a time, and when you do begin producing positive results, those around you will be happier and this will bring you more inspiration to do well.

(photo credit: McGlinch)

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