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Tycoonism “A well-informed mind is the best security against the contagion of folly and of vice. The vacant mind is ever on the watch for relief, and ready to plunge into error, to escape from the languor of idleness.”

July 24, 2009

I have always been known to say that leaders are readers. A well informed mind is the best security against folly and vice. This is very true indeed. Think about the nuns. When you think of nuns, most people will picture an old woman in a habit. What most people don’t know is that nuns offer clues to physical and mental fitness and longevity. In a recent study conducted on nuns, it has been found that mental fitness can actually prolong life. Nuns typically live healthy, structured lives without alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. In the study, the depth of knowledge and ideas as well as the ability to articulate were used as measures of intelligence. Nuns, with their daily recitals of religious scriptures have evolved a technique with the same beneficial same effect to the brain, as a good memory training system or technique. Years of leading a structured lifestyle devoted to religious study have helped them enhanced their study skills and concentration to a very high level.

It has been shown that the more well-educated are four times less likely to be struck by cerebal atrophy than uneducated citizens. It is a natural law that whatever is not used often will decline slowly and can only be revived with some difficulties. Many older folks, despite having less physical and mental attributes, have been very successful in being active and confident. They are satisfied with what they have and when they make plans, they see to it that they are accomplished.

Studies has shown that the secret to their confident outlook in life is simple. They do not look back into the past and rue what might have been or could have been. Instead they look forward to what is possible ahead of them. They constantly renew themselves. Learning new things, creating new ideas for personal growth or making new friends. The act of learning makes their memory stronger and help them minimize memory loss, a natural outcome of the aging process.

If you are truly serious about transforming your life and the lives of those you cherish, then implement my System. Choose to do life instead of letting life do you! The choice is YOURS!

Look at the people around you who have the least amount of prosperity. Study your neighbors, your friends, even some of your family members. They never seem to have enough time to really live-they just survive; and they always seem to be run down and worn out. Consequently, they can’t create and maintain wealth; they don’t have a System of Success. Unlike you, they don’t even know they need a system.

Unsuccessful people only see with their eyes. Their vision is narrow and they just see what is directly in front of them.

The efforts they make to change usually are ineffective because of the belief that it is what they see that must be changed, rather than how they think!

On the other hand, successful people know that there are more forces at work in their lives than the obvious – which is what they can see. They understand that how they think and how they care for their inner self (the things they can’t see) affects their outer self. People who strive for victory in their lives recognize that they must have balance among all facets of their lives – the spirit, the mind and the body.

The most triumphant people, the ones who thrive in every area of their existence, know that opportunities for many different kinds of success are always around us. But, it is not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be in the right frame of MIND when those opportunities present themselves to you. Then YOU ACT, YOU IMPLEMENT, and YOU ALLOW.

The universe works only if you work it. So if your desire is to do…do it! If your challenge is that you do not have what you need…the universe will provide anyone and anything that you need to make it happen. Take the first step mentally and watch the universe unfold.

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