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Tycoonism “Total absence of humor renders life impossible.”

August 4, 2009
Benefits of Laughter Yoga with John Cleese

Too many people suffer from chronic seriousitis these days. It shows up in the faces, furrowed brows, bad hair days, impatience, up-tight behavior, and loss of perspective. We need to lighten up! We take ourselves way too serious with disastrous effects to our personal health and wellness. We need to recognize that laughter truly is ‘the best medicine.’

What most of us don’t realize is that by not laughing, we miss out on many health benefits. A good laugh massages face, shoulders and stomach muscles, reduces blood pressure, increases oxygen flow, boosts the immune system, and causes a reduction in stress-inducing chemicals. Research has shown that laughter works faster than Valium or vodka. The benefits from a good belly laugh can last up to 24 hours. Dr. William Fry, a laughter pioneer researcher found that 30 seconds of hearty laughter equals a three minute physical workout on a rowing machine.

You don’t even need a reason to laugh, even fake laughter is good for you. Thousands of ‘Laughter Clubs‘ have sprung up all over the world practicing fake laughter with the same benefits as derived from real laughter. With the downturn of the economy and the increase of personal stresses, it is important to remember that humor and laughter are powerful stress busters. It is impossible to be stressed when laughing. Laughter provides an instant vacation from our stress.

Humor and laughter clear our minds, so that we can think more clearly and become more creative in resolving our problems. Humor helps us cope with difficult time and situations. It is a known fact that there was more humor created during World War Two than any other time in history. Humor and laughter help to reduce conflict and facilitate easier communication. They quickly help lower the barriers and ease connection with people.. This is a tremendous asset for people caught up in the negative effects of the economy, when having to pursue other avenues of employment. Humor and laughter are available to each and everyone of us and at no cost, however, they still remain the most underrated and undervalued tools in society.

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  1. Tamela permalink
    August 4, 2009 11:41 am


    Laughter is medicine. It heals you when your happy or sad. Challenging times are upon some of us and laughter soothes the heart. I find myself in peace because I smile and laugh all the time. Life is too short, and God is too good for you not to laugh and smile a few times throughout the day. Embrace your days with God 1st and I promise you, you will smile or laugh thinking about how Good God is.


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