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Tycoonism “One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we’ll need a new definition.”

August 11, 2009

There is no lack of information these days about self-esteem. Books, classes, seminars and web sites are full of suggestions to help you with your self-image. But, is what you believe about yourself true reality or is it false reality.

Most people will agree that the clear picture that you have of yourself in your mind is who you really are. That picture may be based on what others think or say about you, what job or occupation you have, your education or social standing, or even your bank account. Simply put, your self-image is based on information that you have accepted. But, is it the true reality of who you really are?

Just because someone chooses to base their self worth on facts or circumstances about themselves does not mean that that is their true reality. It may be the reality that they have chosen for the moment, but it isn’t necessarily true.

For example, if someone has no money in the bank, they may choose to accept that they are a poor person. Their self-esteem would be very low, based on the lack of money that they have. They can accept that reality, and live in it. But does having no money make you a poor person? If that were true then anyone who has a low bank balance would be destined to be poor, and we know that is not the case.

Your current reality is your reality because you have accepted it. Your opinions of yourself, your self-image, your self-esteem and your self worth are all dependent on who you think you are at this moment. It may be your reality at this moment, but could it be a false reality?

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