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Helen Dela’Houssaye on Lunch Time Conversations with Mr Tycoon

September 3, 2009

Today’s Topic:

Today’s Guest:  Helen Dela’Houssaye, Platinum President – Ardyss International

Helen Dela’Houssaye has been developing people and business for most of her life. Prior to Ardyss International, she was a prominent member of corporate America, specializing in global marketing as a consultant for over 12 years with CBS and Clear Channel broadcasting. Although enjoying an amazing career with a six figure salary, she was able to resign her corporate position after being with Ardyss International for two short months.

Helen has been in Ardyss for 16 months and during this time she has built a team of 50,000 distributors, earned $104,000 for the month of June and is known around the nation as the “Autoship Queen”. This powerhouse has personally enrolled more presidents, executive presidents, diamonds and platinums than any other Ardyss representative to date.

Helen will share with us the system that has resulted to her monumental success with Ardyss.

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  1. September 5, 2009 10:47 am

    I missed the Helen DelaHousse, Ardyss, conversation with you on your BLOGRadio. Was this conversation recorded? Is there a way that I can get access to it for me and my Ardyss team?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,
    B Barrett

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