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Tycoonism “Tell me I’ll forget. Show me, and I many not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand.”

September 15, 2009’s Tycoonism reflects the true meaning and importance of mentorship.  As you all know, I have been a product of mentorship.  Until this day, I continue to educate and harness myself by continuing to invest enhancement of my skills and continue to read books that are inspirational and educational.

The value of mentorship is in its process itself.  Once you have found a mentor who has the very same goals, one who exhibits the very same ideals that you wished for yourself, then you are very well on the right track.  Ofcourse there are alot of mentors around the US.  In my case, during my real estate investing years, I was mentored by Ron LeGrand, Marshall Sylver and Stephen Pierce.  Until now, my continuing education has not ended.  I continue to keep in touch with my mentors for advise and for feedback.  They can be a big help and a great asset to you in becoming successful. Most successful people can credit an individual(s) or an event as a turning point to their success. Don’t be afraid to ask for mentors and have people who can direct your steps this will help to ensure that you stay on the right track. Networking with them is added value of mentorship as this enables me to keep in touch with others who are in the same field as I am.

When you find your mentor, this is an opportunity for you to invade their mind because they just may have that needed ingredient you are missing. Think of it as a modern day apprenticeship. Learning a Master’s skill takes time and dedication. To appreciate what those innovators have achieved, it’s important to know that they were once where you are right now. Every Guide (Mentor, Teacher, Guru) was once a lost student. Real estate pioneers of financial freedom like Ron Le Grand offer people like you and me the chance to learn from their mistakes (Experiences) and benefit from their triumphs. These kind mavericks offer people just like you and me a plan that you can build on and perfect. They make it easy by providing the real world education through articles, workshops, seminars, conferences e-books, CDs and books. Not knowing how to do a thing is no excuse for not doing the thing. Educate yourself. Find and read at least twelve months of specialty or trade magazines that relate to the area you are interested in. A great way to find out how others are building wealth is to answer their solicitation ads. Put yourself on their mailing lists and you are sure to collect a boat load of industry information. Another great way to educate yourself about something you know nothing about is to join trade associations or clubs. Take as many classes and Workshops as you can and build the knowledge base you need to reach your goals.

Education is preparation, plain and simple. Opportunity is where education and faith meet face-to-face. As much of a challenge as finding a role model can be, that is the EASY part—as easy as buying this book. But that’s just the beginning. Once you find the System that speaks to you, that has proven itself, you have to stick with it. Don’t make the mistake that so many others have made by jumping from one system to the next. Investing tons of money in different wealth building methods without ever following through on one will produce two things; an impressive library of wealth building strategies and an impressive net profit for those selling those strategies.

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