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Tycoonism ” What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”

September 16, 2009

Did you notice that when we are fully interested with anything, and we enjoy doing something, learning comes easier and naturally? This is the same especially for children. They learn quickly when lessons are incorporated in games, and sing and dance programs, learning is quicker, almost without effort.

This is almost the same as when you love what you are doing– let’s say your 8-5 job, when you love your job, waking up early is not a pain at all. Working late at night is no bother. Small interruptions at home like phone calls are not a bother at all. But when you hate your work, you drag and beat yourself up everyday often asking yourself “if only I can have a short break from by office, I’d be really happy!” But truthfully, even a short vacation lets, say to a heavenly beach to the Maldives will not cure that awful feeling and feeling of anxiety that you feel everyday! After your vacation, you’d feel even worse than you felt the week earlier!

So how do you cure this kind of anxiety and dissatisfaction towards your job? The answer is this, and I want you to listen and read closely. The solution is you needed to find the root cause of why you hate your work. Is it because of certain people in your office? Do you hate your boss? Do you have a not-so good relationship with your officemates? Perhaps your work is just demanding too much of your time, and you are beginning to resent it?

Perhaps you need to rethink and consider changing work or careers. But the source of your dissatisfaction comes from the fact that you cannot deny the awful feeling your work brings to you and into your life.

You needed to find focus and rethink your life goals in order to find your true calling. Once you have this, finding satisfaction from work and anywhere else would be easy! You cannot obligate your work office to deliver that satisfaction if you are mentally and subconsciously repelling it. Job dissatisfaction have alot of root causes but truth be known when you love and enjoy anything, learning is easier and fast, would you agree?

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  1. Priscilla Taylor permalink
    September 16, 2009 1:04 pm

    Mr. Tycoon I find this to be so true. Some jobs or career choices are pleasant when you enjoy what you do. On the other hand, if your position is something that you feel that you must do to support yourself, it’s with regret each morning. It changes your entire outlook at life.

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