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Tycoonism “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

September 21, 2009

reachHow many missed opportunities have you allow to slip between your finders? How much time have you wasted dreaming, yet failed to pursue for some reason? Ofcourse, not all dreams can be pursued. However, these dreams can come true and the possibilities are endless if you really think about it. Taking courage and choosing the dreams you wanted to pursue is essential. Taking the time to create the proper steps on how these dreams to pursue will make the dream more of a reality and achievable. The scalability and probability of success of dreams pursued can be more of a reality once you create the steps needed to achieve that goal. I have heard of people saying. “Go reach for your dreams because of having nothing to lose.” This is a lie, because you do lose time, money and effort. Instead of pursuing something scalable, and you choose to ran after something “BIG” and ended up failing…ofcourse you have lost time and even money and opportunities that you should have pursued, but since you were on to something “big” you missed it altogether.

There is a huge difference vision and a dream. A dream is just a dream if you allow it to remain that way. People who have visions work hard to achieve their dreams. Being sluggish and lazy isn’t an option to people with a vision. People with a vision will always make ends meet and create means to achieve their goals– no matter what. You see, having a vision is important, and when you have that on sight and you put your plan on paper, then you can EXECUTE.

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