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Tycoonism “For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.”

September 29, 2009

Today’s Tycoonism is from one of my Mentors, Tony Robbins. Today’s quotation is important as this impacts implementation change into our lives. There are many reasons why we want to change. What is vital is if change is for the better. And like anything, change can hold true value only if you are consistent.

Until you understand and accept the basic principles of effecting change in our lives, you will never be successful in implementing change into your life. Change involves a conscious effort to move from one level to another (usually) higher level. What motivates change could be anything, but for most people it is a general dissatisfaction with a current situation. A desire for change occurs in many aspects of our lives. It may be a need to change oneself through personal development or a change in business, where one purposes to move onto to a higher level of success. A career ambition may necessitate change for the better. Financial motives may bring about a desire to change and gain financial freedom. There are many more motives of course, but the basic principles remains the same–motivation, vision, passion, aspiration, planning, objectives, goals, focus, courage, launching, determination, commitment, consistency and persistence.

An attempt has been made to put them in a logical sequence. Slight variations may however occur in the sequence followed by individuals in effecting the change, but the principles remain largely the same. As we explore these principles, it is essential to remember that whatever principle we look at, it each is like a building block adding to the total sum and therefore equally essential for the completion of what we initially set out to achieve, that is, bringing our vision to reality through a deliberate effort to change.

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