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Tycoonism “Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self esteem.”

October 7, 2009

Today’s Tycoonsim is from Kurt Cobain.  One of the many lessons we can learn from his life remains that drugs can never bring anything positive in our life.  Not only can drugs destroy your mental capacity, it will also eat you up physically.  Drug induced happiness and feeling of giddiness as we all know is only temporary.  Not only is this false, it is also temporary.

Drugs may give you solace away from your problems and your failures.  It actually numbs your mind gives you the illusion that you are unaffected.  This is sad actually, but the problem on drugs in the youth in the US is staggering.

* In United States of America, the root cause for 25% of the total deaths can be attributed to drug abuse.
* 65% of drug addicts get access to the drink via their close family and friends.
* The most commonly used drug among American youth is alcohol.
* Chronic alcohol consumption kills youth 6.5 times beyond normalcy.
* Alcoholism is the most prominent cause of birth abnormalities.
* Drug withdrawal is not just as easy as anyone thinks. The process can bring in hallucinations, paranoia and seizures. Drug withdrawal in rare cases can even prove to be fatal.
* Medication cost of a drug addict is almost 2 times the medication cost for a clean individual.
* Drug addicts tend to take up 527000 emergency rooms for treatment in one year.
* Almost a death toll of 10000 can be attributed to chronic alcohol abuse within a timeframe of one year,
* Drug abuse is the most common problem among food service and construction workers.
* 75% of domestic violence is caused by drug addicts.
* Children who come from a family which practically experiences the drug addiction problem is more likely to suffer from asthma, ear infections and are very vulnerable to poor performance in schools due to the tarnished home environment.
* 50% of Americans have a beloved one who is suffering from drug abuse problem at any given time
* The age group that is worst affected by drug addiction is 18-29
* 1in 4 teens have a frequent discussion with their parents on drug addiction, its ill effects and aftermath. The teens that do that have proven to be less prone to get into this habit than the ones who don’t.
* 28% of school teens are aware of at least one of their friends who is a chronic drug abuser. 17% of them know more than one.
* The drug consumption generally begins at adolescent years. Statistics reveal that the average age is 12.5 years
* Alcohol usage is most prominent among Hispanics. Whites and African Americans follow suit
* Hispanics are the ethnic group that is very popular in the arena of illicit drug consumption
* Heroin and cocaine contribute to 70% of illicit drug addiction problems across America
* Among school children who come out of the eighth grade, 52% have tasted alcohol, 41% have smoked cigarettes at least once and 20% have given weed consumption a try.

Finding the root cause of drug addiction will require months of counseling.  There are seveal reasons why alot of the young people are into drugs.  But if you know anybody who is addicted,

  • Ensure that you as a person would not even give this a try even when forced to.
  • If you see a beloved one of yours suffering from drug addiction, volunteer and render help.
  • If you have a family member who is suffering, render your moral support to the person in all aspects.
  • Don’t ever try to insult the drug addicts for it may complicate the situation even more.
  • Try to find the best rehab center available in your area and get your beloved one to a popular psychiatrist and get help
  • Finance would be a big problem when ti comes to withdrawal. Get help from social groups and ensure that the drug addict gets help from self help groups frequently
  • Motivation and patience are the keys that can help the addict come out of the problem. Do what you can in aiding them to get this in throughout the withdrawal process.
  • During sober living, make sure that the drug addict is not amidst triggers.
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  1. john permalink
    October 29, 2009 10:14 am

    this is cool. this is right. this is awsom

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