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Tycoonism “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

October 12, 2009

Just like any other aspect in your life, action will always be the foundation of success. Once you have recognized an opportunity, you need to create a strategic plan in order to succeed. Finding a strategic and successful plan can be challenging especially if you are a novice. Making a commitment to invest time and money to break into the world you wanted to pursue is just as important. This is imperative as sometimes we do not put enough work on our goals and we tend to quit the moment we hit potholes. There will be pitfalls, there’s no point denying that. But once you take action The next best thing to do is to learn the ropes and to find a person you can use as a model. You must find out how that person managed to reach that pinnacle you wanted to reach for yourself. If you are for example in the real estate business and you wanted to break into the real estate scene, your best chance in finding that mentor is at the local real estate organizations. You can check out the local business groups. There will always be somebody who is willing to share their business strategies with you. If he is willing, he might even allow you to observe how he does his work. Replicating someone else’s success is possible. Although there could be some variations and you will be required to customize your very own approach.

Learn whatever you can about the business you wanted to pursue. There are alot of a valuable and free information in the internet. I would suggest getting further readings from the local business library. You must know and be familiar with the business climate you wanted to break into. Learn to network and meet like-minded people. Once you have found that Mentor, you will need to spend as much time as you can to learn the ropes. You can try to be his apprentice or something. There will always be a way. You just need to persevere, network, learn and exert effort. The truth is if we don’t know something, we have only ourselves to blame. There is this thing called the Internet and a place called the Library or Book Store that have all of the information we could ever want. Then there are people like myself who love to teach and mentor students who are committed!  By the same token, eliminate without hesitation those elements in your life that are holding you back. This is not easy, but it has to be done if you want this System to work. Even if they have the same name or live in your house, you must take an honest look at how you are living and choose the greater good. Stop identifying who you are with things that cannot and will not help you reach your goals. You are not that dead-end job. You are not your debt. You are not those long-term unhealthy relationships you find yourself in. You are not your higher degrees. You really are not your bad habits.

You must first commit to yourself and then to a System before you can realize success. Take an honest look at the choices you have made and the actions that have led you to where you are currently, and commit to change for the better. Don’t dwell on your current situation or your past failures. If you are to reach success, you must understand that these two things cannot define who you are or determine your future. You must have faith in yourself and in a System to rise above your current situation and attain success, and likewise, wealth. Know what you want and do everything within your power to get it. If the wrong people, places, and elements are influencing you, CHANGE. These things can only slow your progress and keep you down.

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