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Tycoonism- “To follow, without halt, one aim: There’s the secret of success.”

March 10, 2009

Your journey to Success will only begin as soon as you RECOGNIZE and IDENTIFY want you want; when you want it; sometimes getting to the how will follow as soon as you have FOCUSED yourself on one specific goal.

Recognizing or Knowing what you want is important because this will help you focus yourself on your goal. When you have a specific and reasonable goal, then you can create the ways on HOW to reach your goals. Before I go on, I want to emphasize, REASONABLE goal. An example of a reasonable goal is, 1) I want to start saving for my emergency fund. A reasonable way of starting would be to gradually begin setting aside a portion of your salary-or even as little as $40/week. Another reasonable goal might be, 2) I want to get an MBA. If you do not have the $30,000 to start, you can create the means in order for you to go to Graduate School. These would mean getting an extra job, doing freelance work, research for scholarships, or start saving for your 1st year tuition fee.

When you have a FOCUS, creating the ways to achieve your goals is easier. Call it GOAL MAPPING. When you have an manage to create a bigger and fuller picture of what you want, and how you think you are going to get to your goals while considering all the factors that might affect your journey, then getting there will not be as hard.

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